ERVS™ AquaHot LP Install Kit

ERVS™ AquaHot LP Install Kit

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This Product is a Kit. This Kit includes all of these items listed below.

7x MSX-300-270 MSX-300-270 1 Gallon Pink Boiler Antifreeze GALLON EACH $29.02

5x EXX-950-411 EXX-950-411 Cozy Grille, 10 in. x 2 in EACH $10.55

1x ELX-700-007 ELX-700-007 Room Thermostat, Positive Off EACH $55.95

1x ELX-500-510 ELX-500-510 Low Temperature Thermostat Assembly EACH $77.34

12x PLX-T44-006 PLX-T44-006 Modified Brass Insert Fitting EACH $3.62

18x PLX-CTB-270 PLX-CTB-270 Constant Tension Hose Clamp 15/16 in. for EACH $1.50

5x PLX-A51-106 PLX-A51-106 5/8 " Polytube Bend Support EACH $5.47

2x PLX-120-626 PLX-120-626 Tube, 5/8 IN, Red O2 Barrier Red Pex 100 F EACH $192.61

5x EXE-103-0EX EXE-103-0EX Cozy III Heat Exchanger EACH $163.43

1x ELE-000-508 ELE-000-508 2-Position Switch Panel Assembly EACH $49.76

1x MSE-200-OFB MSE-200-OFB Kit, 3 Quart Expansion Bottle, With Sensor EACH $119.48

1x MSE-200-EXH MSE-200-EXH Kit, 1-1/2" Black Exhaust Fittings EACH $29.01