Backorder Guidelines



We understand that backordered and discontinued parts are an unfortunate event. We offer our customers the service to pre order backordered items as well. Our policy is to ship your order complete, regardless of a backordered part, unless you specify differently. If a part is not in stock with the manufacturer, it is automatically placed on a backorder or preorder. If it is discontinued, we will explore options of accessing this part for you.  In the event of either situation taking place, you will be notified via email or phone, with an estimated release date for the backordered part(s) and/or other options.

If you choose to have your order shipped separately without the backordered part(s), delivery of the backordered part(s) will be subject to additional shipping fees.

Pre-Order cancellations are an option for most orders when manufacturers who ship our accessories and appliances are on backorder for too long.  Any parts that have been received at or Cummins Warehouse, but are requesting to be cancelled off your order are subject to a 25% Pre-Order Cancellation fee or a 25% restocking fee determined by the time of the cancellation Within each individual case. cannot guarantee the release date of backordered parts as these release dates are determined by the manufacturer themselves. has no control over manufacturer availability dates. If we do not receive customer communication after two attempted contacts regarding a backorder or discontinued item, we reserve the right to decide the future direction of that specific order. We reserve the right to issue store credit to backorder Orders that are more than 90 days old.

At, all of our dealers have the opportunity to order from our entire product catalogue. Many of our products are in stock and readily available for shipping but in some instances we are awaiting a delivery, or a stock item is simply out of stock.

If you wish to order any item that is out of stock, you can place this item on backorder (or pre-order this item from us). In this case, we will use our best endeavors to procure the product from our suppliers within 30 days from the date that you placed your order, if it is not already on its way to us. We also guarantee to lock in the original purchase price of the back-ordered or pre-ordered item.

If we are not able to procure the product within this time frame we will contact you and let you know what your options are which could include:

  1. If we are not able to source the product from the supplier, we may need to cancel the order for the product, and provide you with a credit; or
  2. If we are able to source an alternative, comparable product, we will give you a choice as to whether you wish to purchase this item. If you decide that you no longer want the product, we will provide you with a in store credit of the original price paid minus the restocking fee. 

          You can track all your backordered stock items online and our sales team will also send out a monthly backorder report to notify you of their status. Please regularly check and update your backorders. If there are items you no longer require, please delete them from the backorder list.

          Wherever possible, will supply ETA dates for all stock items that we have on backorder with our suppliers. These dates are approximate and can be changed at any time by suppliers, shipping couriers or When you place an item on backorder with us, we will ship it to you as soon as it arrives.

          In the event of a product being placed on backorder, while you have other available items on that order, we will ship all in-stock, available items immediately. Your backordered item(s) will be sent to you, as soon as it arrives.  

          We understand that you may not always wish to wait for a product where it is not readily available for shipment. If you wish to cancel such an order, you can do so while the order is still in our backorder system by contacting our Customer Service Team on 833-753-3578.